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We are compiling a comprehensive database of unemployed people in Enugu State.
This Platform is for Unemployed People in Enugu State.

To build the Enugu of our dream where crime and insecurity are not a major concern to citizens, we must make job creation a top priority. The first step in this direction is the compilation of a comprehensive database of unemployed graduates and youths in the state.

The online database will capture their statistics for job opportunities and capacity building in the various sectors.

It will be accessible to government agencies and departments, as well as the private sector which will play a central role in our planned economic growth and expansion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Enugu Employment Portal is meant to gather database of unemployed persons in Enugu State.

Welcome to Enugu Employment Portal? To register, visit here >> or:

  1. Go through the Website to Apply
  2. Click Apply to Register
  3. Fill the form and Submit

Online applications are much faster to process. Online registration allows you to register when it is most convenient for you.

Enugu Employment Portal is open to all citizens seeking for employment irrespective of institution attended, certificate or skill.

All registrations are treated in strict confidence.

Send us email : [email protected] or call the number on the contact section of the site

The registration is to build a database of unemployed people in Enugu for insight and decision-making with regards job creation and recruitment.

Steps to Apply
01. Go through the Website

Kindly go through the informations on the Website to understand the mission and purpose of the employment portal

02. Click Apply to Register

Fill the form careful and submit all the necessary information required, filling the required information will help us in decision making.

03. Fill the form and Submit

After filling the form, click the submission button to submit your application.

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